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5 Tips To Make You a Better Motorcycle Rider

Find Out What Experienced Riders Say Are The Keys To Being an Effective Rider.

Our tips and traits needed for all riders:
1. Be Calm.  Experienced riders don't get excited about much.  Even some of the best stunt riders in the world are completely calm while riding.

2. Think Quickly.  All riders need to think ahead of the situation.  Your eyes should always be up scanning the road and monitoring the behavior of traffic.

3.  Be Instinctual.  When something unexpected happens an experienced rider knows how to handle it.  You need to feel completely comfortable with your bike in order to maneuver it through any situation.

4. Be Patient.   Most mistakes happen when riders are in a hurry.  They rush around a corner, or try to pass a car at the wrong time or try to run through a red light.  For experienced riders they will lay back in traffic and have patience giving them time to make good decisions on the road.

5. Be Humble.   Experienced riders know that things can happen and they are human after all.  They know the limits of their motorcycle and their skill set.  They also work to not put themselves in situations that would test either.